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No Health Without Mental Health

Get the best Psychiatrist Doctor in Jaipur. On all popular online platforms, DR. Anil Tambi is the most recommended psychiatrist in Rajasthan.

Psychiatrist Doctor in Jaipur

Call DR. Anil Tambi for the best service in Jaipur's Mansarovar, Vaishali Nagar, Vidhyadhar Nagar, and other areas.


DR. Anil Tambi

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  • MBBS, MD(Psychiatry)
  • FIPS Psychiatrist & De-Addication Specialist
  • Professor, Sawai Mansingh Hospital, Jaipur
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Mental Health Disorders

Severe Mental Illnesses and Common Mental Disorders are assessed and managed using pharmacological and psychosocial methods.

Psychological Service

Trained and experienced therapists provide psychotherapy and counselling.

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De-addiction Service, Geriatric Service, Psychosexual Disorders, NeuroPsyciatric Disorders, Child Guidance.


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    What Our Client’s Say’s

    Here Are Some Review's About DR. Anil Tambi

    Sachin Yadav

    One of the best doctor for all over brain 🧠 dysfunction......such a noble doctor 🏥 with rich experience n knowledge

    Roopesh Sharma
    Local Guide

    I am very thankful to dr Tambi and team, I was stuck in severe depression and negative thinking, due to medication and consultation, I am fully recovered now.

    Local Guide

    Dr anil tambhi is the best psychologist in jaipur, beet doctor of psychiatric and de addiction.. 👍👍

    Neel Soni
    Local Guide

    Very famous psychiatrist Dr in Malviya nagar Jaipur. Associated with Sms medical College. Remain open till 10 pm.


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    VIMHNS – Vivekananda Institute Of Mental Health And Neuro Sciences

    Bid Farewell to Mental Health Issues with the Best Psychiatrist in Jaipur

    Vivekananda Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences (VIMHNS) is your one-stop destination for holistic psychiatry care. If you are looking for the best psychiatrist in Jaipur, you are at the right place. As the premiere mental health facility in Jaipur, our goal is to utilize the best available treatment procedures.

    With our innovative treatment procedures, we improve the happiness, mental health and well-being of our clients. VIMHNS boasts of highly skilled and best psychiatrist in Jaipur. We provide low-fee group and individual therapy as well as assessment services.

    At VIMHNS, we acknowledge that the underlying trauma of our clients’ experiences needs to be acknowledged. We have the best psychiatrist in Jaipur who would help you look underneath your trauma and stress factors.

    What sets us apart is the expertise of our psychotherapists and psychiatrists. The primary mission of VIMHNS is to provide clients with the best mental health experience.

    VIMHNS offers the Best of Both Worlds

    At VIMHNS, we offer the best of both worlds- a people-oriented clinic and a modern mental wellness centre. As the best psychiatrist in Jaipur, we help our clients cope with anxiety treatment in Jaipur and other mental disorders. Being the best psychiatrist in Jaipur, we provide our clients with the following benefits.

    • We are your one-stop option for cutting-edge psychological treatments

    • VIMHNS possesses speciality clinics based on the latest research

    • Our treatment procedures are highly confidential and tailored to the preferences of the patients

    • Comprehensive assessment for therapies

    From child assessment to counselling older adults, VIMHNS provides affordable help to all age groups. Since we have the best clinical Psychologist in Jaipur who ensures that everyone is treated in a respectful and welcoming manner. We stand against injustice in all its varieties and strive to develop a community based on building an equitable world.

    Levels of Care Available with the Best Clinical Psychologist in Jaipur

    Being the best clinical psychologist in Jaipur, we provide various levels of mental care to our patients. Such as :

    • Virtual Intensive Outpatient Program

    It is a convenient and COVID-safe treatment option that reflects the support and experience of our therapists. The primary purpose of the virtual intensive outpatient program is to create meaningful improvement and a solid foundation. To know more, contact us today!

    • Partial Hospitalisation Program

    As the best psychologist in Jaipur, our partial hospitalisation program provides access to intensive psychotherapeutic treatment. We ensure that the clients are able to participate in a structured therapeutic program. The main goal is to develop a foundation for long-term recovery.

    • Intensive Outpatient Program

    Our intensive outpatient program is not that intensive when compared to other treatment options. Being the best psychologist in Jaipur, our main objective is to help the patients continue their recovery support.

    The Approach of VIMHNS in treating Depression

    Depression is pretty common in a majority of people nowadays.  Human beings are prone to depressive thoughts emanating from various situations and emotions. But when these emotions don’t fade with time and start impacting us negatively, we should be cautious.

    At VIMHNS, we treat depression in various ways. Our team of best psychiatrists in Jaipur first analyse your symptoms before commencing the treatment process.

    Are you aware that depression is the main culprit behind a variety of disabilities. Some major symptoms associated with depression are as follows:

    • Sad and morose feelings which are difficult to cope with

    • Severe loss of appetite

    • Over-sleeping or insomnia

    • Recurring suicidal thoughts

    Our physiatrist in Jaipur helps you treat the following disorders associated with depression.

    1. Depressive disorders arising from other health conditions

    2. Serious depression disorders

    3. Our best depression doctor in Jaipur is well experienced in treating persistent depression also known as Dysthymia

    We are your One-Stop Mental Health Clinic for Children

    At VIMHNS, we have the best child psychologist in Jaipur who will be able to treat your child correctly. Nowadays, the younger children usually show various types of symptoms associated with mental disorders.

    From behavioural issues to learning disabilities, our psychology doctor in Jaipur can adequately treat your child.

    Our psychotherapist in Jaipur engages with kids via active psychotherapy and pharmacological treatment procedures. Our child psychiatrist in Jaipur is famous because of the following factors.

    1. Our psychiatrists always try to stay resourceful and steadfast

    2. We leverage evidence-based research to help children with learning disabilities

    3. We remain committed to our goals and prescribe the best treatment procedures

    Being the best psychologist doctor in Jaipur, we also address the mental health problems of the elderly. Moreover, we have comprehensive de-addiction treatment programs.

    From alcohol addiction to substance abuse, our psychiatrists help you with innovative treatment procedures. Our psychiatrists are well-versed with the intricacies of mental health. Schedule an appointment with us today to know relevant details.

    Overcome your Internet Addiction with the Best Psychologist Nearby

    Internet addiction, also known as problematic internet use, is increasingly becoming a mental health concern. The increasing accessibility of browsing the internet implies it is now possible to search for information quickly.

    While this can be advantageous when researching information for fruitful purposes, the instantaneous nature of the internet makes people addicted to it. You are suffering from internet addiction when it has an adverse effect on your relationships and daily life.

    At VIMHNS, we provide counselling services to help you overcome internet addiction. The best physiatrist near me deploys a wide variety of therapies to help you cope with internet addiction. At VIMHNS, also find Migraine Specialist in Jaipur.    

    What are the Symptoms of Internet Addiction and Disorder?

    Someone’s habit of heavy internet usage doesn’t always correlate with internet addiction. This notion is true, especially as the internet becomes more ingrained in our lives. No doubt, this disorder can jeopardise your personal life.

    Treating it early with the help of a physiatrist near me remains one of the most effective cures. Here are the symptoms commonly associated with internet addiction.    

    • It would help if you had more time online despite frequent internet access

    • Your life matters are at risk in favour of time online

    • You show withdrawal symptoms when separated from online access

    • You are neglecting basic health needs and spending time online

    No doubt, internet addiction is a severe disorder and needs proper treatment. It resembles a lot like substance abuse and addiction to drugs. Contact us today if you are facing the repercussions of internet addiction.

    What are the Goals of our Therapy Session to help you Overcome Internet Addiction? 

    At Vivekananda Institute of Mental Health And Neuro Sciences, our therapist adopts specific therapies to help you overcome internet addiction. Moreover, our psychotherapy techniques are goals-based.

    We take a personalised approach to solve addiction problems in each client. Here are the objectives of self-help and one-to-one therapy sessions at our centre.

    • Assisting you to recognise how internet addiction has impacted your life

    • Helping you to identify other outlets for coping with stress and strains of daily life

    • We work with you to comprehend if there are other issues that may be causing you to get addicted to the internet

    So as you can see, all our psychotherapy techniques are based on specific goals. With us, you would be able to bid farewell to internet addiction problems quickly.

    What kind of Therapy Approaches do we implement to help you cope with Internet Addiction?

    At VIMHNS, the best psychiatrist near me deploys a wide range of therapies to help you cope with internet addiction.


    CBT is an action-oriented approach to help you cope with internet addiction. It helps you to understand the impact internet addiction has on your relationships.

    Family and Relationship Therapy

    It is a form of treatment procedure that involves your family members and counselling them. Our counsellor would talk to your family to understand how your internet addiction has affected them.

    Please schedule an appointment with us today to know the relevant details.


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